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There is nothing more stylish than a pashmina, which can be worn in so many different ways. They are also pretty affordable so it’s quite easy to build up a selection of different colours and even patterns and they can make the simplest outfit look amazing.Check out these celebrities and their pashminas... 

LV red Rose

LV leopard red

LV leopard purple

LV leopard brown

Classic woollen Burberry

Zebra print pashmina

Black Woollen Pashmina

Grey Viscose Pashmina

Black Viscose Pashmina

White Viscose Pashmina (tipis)

Lilac Viscose Pashmina

Blue Atoll Viscose Pashmina

Salmon Woollen Pashmina

red woollen pashmina

Soft blue woollen pashmina

Tan woollen pashmina

Broken White woollen pashmina

Classic collection pashmina

Not only women wearing pashmina... We find many male actors and celebrities wearing them too as part of their stylish appearance... check these out...

grey woollen pashmina

dark blue woollen pashmina

Honey brown Viscose Pashmina

Dark blue light viscose pashmina

green viscose pashmina

white viscose pashmina

grey viscose pashmina

Dark brown woollen pashmina